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Pink Cream

Specialty Items

-Princess Torte


-Opera Torte

{Serves 8-10, $45}


-Raspberry White Chocolate Cookies

-Madeliene Cookies: Classic, Lemon Poppy & Orange Pistachio 

{1 dzn $14}


-Choux au Craquelin (cream puffs)

{1 dzn  $24}

{Orders must be placed 1 week in advance}

Custom Orders

-Birthday Cakes

-Wedding Cakes (4"-10")

{Pricing starts at $6 a slice with a $150 minimum}


-5" Personal Celebration Cakes, comes w/ a spork and candle for easy gifting.

{$12 a cake}



{Start at $18 dzn}

*Orders must be place 2 weeks in advance


Cake/Cupcake Flavors:



-Lemon/Lemon Poppy

-Red Velvet


-Almond/Almond Poppy


Filling Flavors:

-Vanilla BC

-Chocolate BC

-American BC


-Cream Cheese Frosting

-German Filling

-Vanilla Custard

-Diplomat Cream

-Fruit Curds & Fillings (seasonal) 

Seasonal Filling Flavors:

-Pistachio Honey Cream Cheese


-Lemon Lavender

-Orange Chocolate BC


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